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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten Commandments Lapbook

This is another lapbook that we did several years ago. I got the idea from Jamin's 10 Commandments lapbook, which you can find here.

Here is the cover:

When you open the folder, you see this spread:
We taped the two folders together at the middle. I used a dinner plate to make the half-circles on top of the folders. We talked about Roman Numerals 1-10 when we worked on these folder fronts. We punched holes in the center of the folders and held them together with ribbon.

On the next two spreads, we used this file  They have little pictures that associate the picture & meaning with the commandment. (i.e. and person bowing down to an idol for "You shall not make any idols". On the inside of each of these little mini-books, we wrote the commandment in our own words.
Rebekah wrote: "God is number one." on the inside of #1, and she wrote "Don't use your lips to dishonor God." inside #3.  :-D
This is the left side with the extension out. We have this graphic with the Commandments split up showing the relationships with God and Man. You can find and print it from here. Under the book/yellow graphic is a Ten Commandments quiz to see how you can remember them-- she got them all correct!
I really love these tools for memorizing the commandments. It helped me remember them too!The #6 looks like a bomb for "Do Not Kill." The one for #8 is a thief with a sideways 8 for a mask, to help you remember You should not steal.
The extension flap pulled down here is the Ark of the Covenant made from craft/ popsicle sticks. There is a printed paragraph that tells about the ark above it. Underneath the Ark piece are scrolls that we printed from here.
This is a min-book that we made about Moses and pictures from his life. On the cover we put a poem about Moses. (see below) Then Rebekah did a word search about Moses. On the back, we have one more graphic of Moses and then a maze. It was a wonderful lapbook!

Here is the poem written by Jamin:


Just a little baby, whom Pharaoh sought to kill.
Loved so much by his family, who was trying to do God�s will.
They put him in a basket, and send him down the Nile.
Knowing God�s hands would be there,  to protect him all the while.
Their faith was surely honored, as Pharaohs daughter drew him out,
I will name you Moses was her delighted shout.
She raised him at the Palace; He was Royalty all the way.
He never knew he was Hebrew, until one faithful day.
An accident, or anger?  A Hebrew Slave lay dead,
And somehow in the chaos the words swam in his head.
�Moses, you are Hebrew, my brother whom I love!�
Were her words the truth, sent from God above?
More than he could handle, about the life he knew.
He went into the desert and found a love so true�.
But, God had plans for Moses, no matter where he stood.
And speaking from a burning bush Moses understood.
Moses tried to talk some reason, to God who spoke to him,
But soon he learned what God wanted, he must obey God�s whim.
So off he went to Egypt�To tell Pharaoh how things should be!
Off he went to speak for God saying �Set MY people FREE!�
Pharaoh didn�t want to hear it; he didn�t like one word!
But, Moses never wavered at what he understood.
He tried all kinds of reasoning, he tried a lot of plagues.
But it seemed whatever happened Pharaoh never gave!
Finally, it was too much and God to Moses said
�Above the door each Hebrew must spread the blood so red.�
That night the cries could be heard as death passed over the land.
All the firstborn Hebrews did not suffer from God�s hand.
At last it was enough!  Pharaoh bid them farewell�.
But, soon he would be following, trying to seal their fate as well.
Again God spoke to Moses, and through him he parted the sea!
The Hebrews walked through the water and they were finally FREE!!!
But their troubles were not over as they wandered to and fro
Now that they were free where were they to go?
God never did abandon them he gave them all they needed,
Manna came 6 days a week, just as he commanded.
Then to Mt Sinai once again Moses met with God.
This time he gave instructions, some which seemed quite hard.
They were the 10 Commandments, a guide on how to live.
It was because he loved us that these he did give.
God�s love was so amazing, and it still is today,
So much He loved his people His Son he sent to save!
So blessed are those that trust Him, for salvation they will gain�
To live for all eternity in His heavenly reign!

Here are some additional links used in this lapbook: - Ten Commandments graphic coloring page  -word search  - how to make ark of covenant -Moses graphics to color and print

Lots and lots of additonal goodies!
Books to read:
The Story of The 10 Commandments By:  Patricia Pingry
The Story of Baby Moses By:  Alice Joyce Davidson
The Story of Moses By:  Creative Press
The Story of Moses A Pop Up Book

Movies to watch:
The Prince of Egypt

I hope you will try out this lapbook- it was one of my favorites! Let me know if you do!

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  1. I love the visuals ... that might even help me to keep them straight! :)


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