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About Me

Welcome to my blog! 

A little about me...
My name is Jill, and I am a Christian homeschool mother that shares about life in my busy home with my 5 biggest blessings (4 kids & husband!). God is THE light to my daily path!

Four of my biggest blessings- May 2015

Joshua and I-- 19 wonderful years together!

I enjoy blogging about homeschooling my older kids, being frugal, what my kids are up to, things I enjoy, such as crafting, reading and learning. In my spare time, I read my Bible, and enjoy various crafts such as beading, cross-stitching, card-making and scrapbooking. God has been so good to us!

On my blog, I like to do...
Monday- Sometimes I will share MUSIC on Monday, but not always!

Wednesday- Sometimes Wordless or Wordful Wednesday; OR Works for Me Wednesday, a helpful tip or way to organize!

Thursday- Thrifty Thursday, where I share a website or way to be thrifty or frugal; OR American Girl Class summary from our co-op classes held during the school year. OR Thankful Thursday, where I share what I am thankful for this week...

Friday- Food Friday, or Frugal Friday

Saturday and Sunday- Family days and my days off from my blog. :-D

Why do I blog? Read this post here. I blog most of the time when my kids are occupied outside or in bed, so as not to neglect them!

I like to do blog hops in my free time, which isn't much... thanks for checking me out! I hope you enjoy my blog- I  LOVE comments!
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