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Here is my list of lapbooks that are on my blog. Hopefully this will help you quickly find the one you want to see!

Here is my original post about Lapbooking.

-All About Me Lapbook
-July 4th Lapbook
-Apples lapbook
-Bee Lapbook
-Chocolate Lapbook
-Martin Luther King, Jr. Lapbook
-Snow lapbook
-12 Days of Christmas lapbook
-Nativity lapbook
-History of Sports lapbook
-10 Commandments Lapbook
-Labor Day Lapbook
-Columbus Day lapbook
-Pumpkins lapbook
-Horses lapbook
-Independence Day lap book
-Money lap book
-Thomas Edison lapbook
-Five In A Row Lapbooks
-Fire Safety Lapbook
-Holland Lapbook
-Backyard Birds lapbook

-Preschool Lapbooks can be found here and here.
-Five in A Row lap books/ First Grade can be found here.

And this post is about Storing Lapbooks

Here is a similar crafty thing to do: File Folder Games

I'll add to this list and my lapbooks from time to time, so check back!
Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have trouble with one of the above links.

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