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Thursday, February 4, 2010

100th day of school

Yesterday was our 100th day of homeschool in our house! We had lots of fun reading books about the 100th day, making 100 piece Froot Loop necklaces, and many other things. We did 100 jumping jacks (Mom still feels out of shape!), wrote 100 nouns, wrote our names on the 100s chart- Caleb wrote his 5 letters 20 times=100! We wore our 100 days shirts and Mom wore her 100 button vest that she made when Rebekah was in kindergarten. Bethany loved playing with that! Mallory liked "making the O necklaces with the yarn" -- her favorite part of the day. Caleb liked making a Lego creation with 100 pieces, and Rebekah did too. Rebekah made a house and Caleb made a car. It was a fun day! Enjoy the photos!

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