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As I am teaching my daughter in Kindergarten this year, I am writing my own Christian ABC curriculum. As part of this curriculum, you get a sneak peek at some of the projects that we are doing!

Here are my Kindergarten posts (mostly crafts/art!)

Preparing for Kindergarten

A week/ First week of school

B week

C week

D week

E week

F week

G week

H week

Pumpkins week

I week

J week

K week

L week

M week

Writing Numerals- poems

Kindergarten Homeschool Science

Halloween Crafts (owl, cat, pumpkin, bat)

Ladybug Rocks

Christmas Crafts

Christmas week

Paper Bag Penguin

Owl paper bag puppet

N week

Snow week

O week


P week #1/ 100th day

Valentine's week

P week #2

Q week

R week

S/ Spiders


Spring Crafts

T week

T, U and V weeks

V week

W week

Y/ "You Are Special" book

Number/ water weeks

I will update as I add more. I hope this page helps you find the post that you want more easily!
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