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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paper Bag Penguin craft {Kindergarten}

Here is another craft that we did this week in our homeschool kindergarten. I assisted in a classroom before I student taught at a local school (when I was a newlywed!) and this is a craft we made. The teacher called it "Make Something Time", when the kids used their small motor skills, practicing writing, cutting, tracing, gluing, etc.,

White paper lunch bag
Black, orange construction paper
one piece of newspaper
two white hole reinforcers per student
stapler, staples
Book- The Penguin Who Hated the Cold by Barbara Brenner (Walt Disney pub.)
*Note- this book was also published as The Penguin That Hated the Cold. Hopefully you can find it!

1. Read and discuss penguin story, if it was fiction (not true) or non-fiction (true).
2. "This penguin will be able to stand up, so first we need to make the penguin body". Give paper bag to child.
3. "Open the paper bag by putting your hand in, being careful not to rip the bag, and opening your fist into the bag". (Demonstrate)
4. "Now we will put newspaper into the bag to fill up his body. Take your piece of newspaper and roll it into a ball" (not too tight, but not too loosely.) Demonstrate.
5. Roll bag top over (non-seam side showing) and staple two-three times.
6. Pass out black construction paper, allow children to trace the penguin shape (or you can have it traced for them ahead of time-- use a white crayon.) Cut out penguin.
The penguin shape to trace
7. Teacher cuts out nose piece with sharp scissors.
8. Add white hole reinforcers for eyes, two for each child, placing above mouth on black paper.
9. Staple black body piece to filled white bag in four places (top 2 x, sides-one each).
Feet patterns to trace and cut

10. Allow child to trace feet patterns on orange construction paper and cut out.
11. Glue feet onto bag bottom so they go away from body (demonstrate).
All done- cute!
Now you have a penguin to decorate your school room for winter! We used this craft this week during our snow/ winter theme week. We also looked at penguin pictures online.

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