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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Mitten story and fun!

Recently, in our homeschool kindergarten, we read one of my favorite books. I love all of Jan Brett's books, and actually got to see her once when she came to the bookstore in our hometown! She discussed how she illustrated her book, "Honey, Honey, Lion!" She showed us how to draw a lion. She explained that her illustrations take a long time, and just one inch takes an hour! I've been in deep admiration of her work and illustrations ever since!

 We love Jan Brett's book, The Mitten. When I taught kindergarten and preschool, this was a favorite book of the teachers and the children to read in winter. I made a mitten out of yellow felt to go with one story that I had, and put velcro on the sides, leaving the edge open (see design below). Then I colored and laminated the characters to place inside the mitten as we tell the story. When the mitten explodes, you can rip the velcro apart and send the animals flying! The kids loved it and we retold the story several times...

My kindergartener enjoying retelling the story..
The big yellow mitten!
The mitten open showing the velcro sewed on...
Here is Jan Brett's website with downloadable Mitten line drawings.

Here are some Mitten postcards you can download and print.

Here is a pattern to crosstich the Mitten design!

Here are some Jan Brett bookmarks you print. Her website has lots of great printables!

Enchanted Learning has lots of great printables for the Mitten here.
Here are some lesson plan links for the Mitten.

Here is another version of the Mitten story that you can print. Find another version to print here.

Here is another website with great printables on it.

I hope these ideas help you enjoy this story in a new way with your child!

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