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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas crafts- {Kindergarten}

I have posted before about our homeschooling kindergarten, and the crafts we've made for holidays. We've been having fun making crafts for Christmas this year, so I thought I'd post about a few of them that we've made. If you need something to keep your kids busy this week while they are home from school, you might try a few of these crafts!

1. Paper Chains

These are relatively simple to make, all you need is red and green construction paper and a stapler. I cut the paper into strips about 1" wide. I cut three pages of each color, and had plenty of paper for a long chain! The kids like to help thread the strips and staple them. They're a kid-friendly decoration on our tree each year!
 2: Laced Stocking
This is one from my kindergarten teaching days. We just traced the hook shape onto two pieces of red construction paper,  punched holes while holding the two papers together, and she laced them with a piece of white yarn. Then we wrote her name on it, and added a cotton ball to the top.
 3. Oh Christmas Tree
A friend gave me this pattern. All you need is to copy the pattern onto green construction paper, cut it out and glue it into a tree. It is good cutting practice for any kindergartener! We also discussed the song and the German version, O Tannenbaum, on the day that we made this tree. We read books about Christmas trees too!
Click on the picture and it should be full size for you to print!
4. Jingle Bell Bracelets
These are simple: take three pipe cleaners in red, green and white (one each color.) Thread a jingle bell onto each color, and wind the three colors together, twisting into a circle. They can wear it as a bracelet or place as an ornament on the tree. Shown in the photo above are the three that my kindergarteners made over the years. The yellow is my son's, I guess we couldn't find any Christmas colored pipe cleaners that year! 
The next craft we got from this book, Crafts for Christmas, by Kathy Ross. We found it at our local library. 
 5. Matchbox wrapped ornament
 Take a small box, such as a matchbox or jewelry box. Have your child help you wrap it in Christmas-themed wrapping paper. Tie a bow around the box, and then thread a piece of ribbon or yarn through the top to hang on your tree!

A funny story about this ornament... my older daughter made this same ornament in kindergarten. This  daughter pictured above, Mallory unwrapped Rebekah's ornament when she was age 3, to see what was inside! Imagine her disappointment when it was empty! :-D So we had to finally re-wrap that matchbox this year.

6. Paper Plate angel
 This craft is also found in the above book. You'll have to see the book for the directions, since they are a little detailed. I love hanging my daughter Rebekah's angel each year from kindergarten! (below)
Enjoy! It's fun to make crafts at Christmas! It's also fun to hang them each year...

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  1. We will be looking for inspirations next week ... I can see the girls getting into those. :)


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