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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Owl paper bag puppet {Kindergarten craft}

In our homeschool kindergarten this past week, we had O week. We read Owl Moon and Owl Babies, two favorite books that we own about owls. We discussed when owls are awake (nocturnal), what they eat, (mice, small birds, etc.,), where they live, and looked at the variety of owls in our bird book.

To enhance our learning, we also made a paper bag owl puppet. It was fun and easy!
Click on the image to open a new window, and you can print it. It is approx. 4 inches square.
First, I copied the owl face, then my daughter cut it out and colored the owl face.

Then we tore some strips of brown construction paper. You could also use tan or white construction paper for this. We talked about how owls have feathers, and our paper looked like feathers - a little bit.

My daughter glued the owl face onto the bag bottom, where she put her hand to move it up and down.

Then we glued the "feathers" onto the lower part of the bag. Then my daughter wore her puppet for a little...

Here is a picture of my daughter with her owl puppet.

It was a fun day to learn about owls!

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