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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sharks! {Kindergarten}

During our 2nd "S" week this past week, we discussed "Sea" animals and sharks. Several years ago, I found several lesson plans about sharks on Sea World's website here. They are for grades K-3, so not all of the info applied to our kindergarten. But we just chose what we could and had fun! 

After reading some books, and the Sea World materials, we completed the "Mark the Shark" page and marked different shark fins and gills. We were amazed that sharks have 7 different fins with different purposes. We discussed different types of sharks, where sharks live, how sharks are cold-blooded. We learned that shark's skeleton is made of cartilage and not bone. Shark scales are like mini-teeth, and their scales do not grow, so their skin is rough like sandpaper. We talked about shark's teeth, and how they are always losing and growing teeth. One shark may go through as many as 30,000 teeth in a lifetime.
We cut and colored blacktop shark fins, and chanted... 
"We're rough, We're tough, we're rough, we're tough, We're SHA-A-A-R-K-S!"
You can find the printable here.

We also made fingerprint fish...
You can find the Fingerprint Fish lesson page here. There are some more shark lessons found here and here. There was so much great information provided by Sea World on their website. I have many pages printed that I pulled information from-- it was great! It's so nice when big organizations take a lot of the planning work instead of me! 

My daughter was a little grossed out by sharks-- teeth, predators, and what they eat-- but I think she did enjoy what we discussed! I wished we had goldfish crackers in the house so we could have done some measurement with them for math. These resources make science more fun!

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