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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kindergarten: Number/ Water weeks

This is in place of a Works For Me Wednesday, or a Wordless Wednesday this week! It is a Word-full Wednesday!
One of my favorite books to read during this week..
In our last two weeks of Kindergarten, we had completed the alphabet with one letter per week. After Z week, we had a Numbers week, one number per day. We talked about one on Monday, Two on Tuesday, and so on. Mallory had a great time making things that related to each number, writing numerals, counting by twos and fives, and doing lots of math & matching games.
Bubbles on the back deck...
For our water week, we had lots of water play outside, including watercolor painting on the easel on the back deck, "painting" with water and brushes-- the house, deck, picnic table, etc., We also blew bubbles, played float and sink in the kitchen sink, wash dolls, discussed water safety, and on went on a Friday Field Trip!
Ice cube painting!
One art activity that we did was ice cube painting. My little girls really enjoyed that! We just used regular construction paper, powdered tempera paint (bought years ago at an Art Store closing sale!), toothpicks and an ice cube on each paper. I gave each girl a scoop of each of the three primary colors, and let them swirl, mix and blend colors with their ice cube. If it was too cold for their little fingers, then they used the toothpick. The artwork was very colorful!

On our Friday field trip, we went to the local River Trail for a walk, observation and to use our five senses. We saw and heard birds, saw fish, felt the cool river/ lake water, smelled the fresh air and fish, and saw lots of leaves, sticks, grass and trees. We had a great time! We were walking down close to the water on one lake and happened upon another homeschooler and his uncle (?) fishing. They were very kind to us, let the kids fish with a drop line and hook near the edge of the railing, and the man even let Caleb help reel in a big carp! They had caught three other carp and a catfish, all with Wonder Bread! The kids had a great time, my son said that fishing was the best!

Caleb holding the fish he helped reel in!
On the walk back to the car...
Mallory holding a little fish on the way back to the car...
It was a great way to end our water week and our school year! My kids all want to go fishing again-- maybe this summer!

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