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Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm so frugal...

Here is a fun post that I hope I will get comments on. I love being frugal, "getting a good deal" and saving money any way I can. Maybe it's because I've needed to in so much of my marriage, or maybe it's being Dutch. My mom always loves a good deal too!

So here goes...
-I'm so frugal that I wash, dry & reuse ziploc bags (until they're holey.) I even have a bag dryer on top of my fridge just for this purpose.

-I'm so frugal that I reuse all the plastic silverware after a birthday party. (washed & dried too, of course!)

-I don't like to go out to eat somewhere unless there is a family night deal or I have a coupon for the place. Even McDonald's!

-I've been known to wipe & reuse my foil, but not everytime!

-I don't like to buy clothes or shoes for my kids. I try to get handed-down clothes or go to Goodwill. I have found lots of great things at Goodwill!

-I make my own laundry soap, hot chocolate mix, oatmeal mix, baby food, etc.,

I'll update with more as I think of it...

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