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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tabernacle construction completed!

Since my last post, we glued the walls to the tabernacle down, (finished cutting them first)
and then...

This was our last week to work on our tabernacle. It was GREAT! Last week, we took Spring Break, (which was very relaxing...) and we moved it under a dresser for the week! It was safe & sound! This week, we didn't have too much left to do. We finished the cherubim curtain/ veil into the Most Holy Place, cut all of the coverings for the 4 layers. We did not tack them down, however. In real life they were tacked down along the edges. We did not do this so that we could see underneath, and they are loose on our tabernacle.

Also, today we made the curtain into the holy place. Then we ground some spices with our own mortar and pestle. The kids didn't even now we had one! Now Rebekah is all excited to use it for her microscope! The last thing we did was add the "manna" in a gold dish (which Rebekah created!) The ten commandments, and "Aaron's" blooming staff. We don't have any flowers attached to it though, since it is so small! Enjoy the pictures! Now on to other homeschool adventures! It was a fun project, and I hope the kids remember the hands-on art project for a long time. We will try to bring it to Caleb's Sunday School class this Sunday, if he teacher agrees to that. They've been studying the tabernacle in Sunday School too! I love God's timing!

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