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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Major hair cut!

I got my hair cut off! I have been wanting to get it cut for a while, and had waited until I had more length. Rebekah and I wanted to donate our ponytails together, and decided we would cut off our hair together this summer. Well, Joshua measured it for me last week, and I had 8 inches, which is not enough for Locks of Love, but is enough for other charities (Children with Leukemia, etc). So we decided to cut it together, and Rebekah donated her hair for the THIRD time to Locks of Love. (We call her the Hair Factory!) On Wednesday, we made the appointment and got it done! My hair is a little shorter than I wanted, but it will grow quickly to the length I want, I am sure! It is fun!


After- WOW!
Holding my ponytail...
Here are a few pictures of our new 'dos, and we are happy we'll have a cooler, easier summer since we have less HAIR!


End of the school year!

So we finished our homeschool year this past week! We are ready for summer! We are looking forward to lots of reading, swimming, moving, watching free movies at the theater, and more fun adventures!

The kids finished well, and I can hardly believe that Caleb is done with FIRST grade, and Rebekah is done with FIFTH grade! WOW! They are growing so fast and such blessings to us.

Here are a few photos to show you from the last day of school. Hope to see some of you this summer!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This past week in Caleb's journal, he wrote "We the Nadels are, are... ? MOVEING!!!"
And indeed we are! We close on our Catskill Court house on May 14. Here is a picture for you, since I am taking a break from packing right now. I will not be posting on my blog too soon!

Tower of London

Last week in school, we talked a little about architecture, and we had this free Tower of London that we had gotten somewhere, maybe the toy store downtown. We had to cut it out, which was mostly work for me and Rebekah. Caleb helped a little bit with the cutting. Here are some photos of our finished product...
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