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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birthday season begins...

It is the beginning of birthday season in these parts! Joshua's birthday begins the fall birthday craziness next week on Sept. 15! Then Brett & Morgan's b-days, then kids b-days-- we have three of our own kiddos with b-days this fall, and two nieces here in town too! Joshua's dad's birthday is in there too!

While the adults birthdays are more low-key, we do put a bit of work into kids birthdays. We have not done many "kids only" parties (mostly for big years, like 5, 10 and have slumber party for the kids), since we have family in town. We've always celebrated with Grandpas and Grandmas, aunts, uncles and cousins, and a few close friends' families. We do have our kiddo pick the theme and go from there! Mallory's 4th birthday is coming soon, and we've already begun working on that! I've found some great web sites that help me with birthday party planning, and I have used Family Fun magazine the most. I love this magazine, it has SOO many great ideas in it, for everything including kids' parties. They frequently have pictures of cakes and party ideas. I went through my magazine stash that I had and ripped out all the party ideas, cake photos, etc., and put them all in one binder. This is great because my kids can look through the folder and see if there is something fun in there we can do. You can also look at their website, which is: and click on the parties tab. Loads of ideas!!

I also have a checklist that I typed on my computer and laminated, so I don't have to "reinvent the wheel" 4 times every year! I know how many invitations to print and what to buy just by looking at my handy list! Have fun with it-- it is supposed to be a FUN time! The frugal part of me has saved extra plates, napkins from year to year, so I can use them again-- Caleb had a red party for Baseball and another year for VeggieTales (with green) so I could use the rest of those napkins up. I also re-use cups and plastic silverware. I saw a fun balloon covered fabric (vinyl) at Wal-Mart, I may buy that to use on my table each time. We have a "Happy Birthday" sign that we put out on birthdays too.

Here are a few other websites that I have gathered from MOPS presentations on birthday parties.
This is a great place to start for ideas:

This one has great printable invitations and ideas:

Free birthday party invitations and thank you cards:

This one has lots of printables, ideas and themes for all kinds of parties:

This one has lots of party ideas too:

Printable birthday cards and coloring pages:

Other ideas besides just a home party:

For some non-free personalized party supplies:

Great cake recipes and party ideas:

I have yet to figure out what I will be doing for Mallory's birthday cake, but will be spending some time looking around online. I don't own too many cake pans, but my SIL Morgan has a star pan which has been used MANY times-- Star Wars party, Rock STAR party, etc., It's amazing how well just a star pan will fit in! We usually look at Wal-mart for party supplies and just buy matching plates, napkins, balloons, streamers,  etc., there. I know has some inexpensive party items too!
Caleb's 3rd b-day- VeggieTales theme
Rebekah's 9th b-day horse cake

Rebekah's princess castle cake b-day #7
Mallory's 1st b-day cake- Lamb
Well, before I am off to bed, I'll leave you with some photos of cakes we've done in the past for our own parties...
Caleb's 4th bday- CARS theme

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