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Friday, September 10, 2010

Frugal Friday!

We just returned from a Frugal trip out! We went to return something (Got $11 back!), walked around a store, where we did buy TP we really needed, and my hubby "did a job." He has this app on his iPhone called "Field Agent". Basically, you can accept a mission or job, and complete the job in a time frame and you get paid real money for it! Sound too good to be true? It's not! When we have free time or he knows he is going to be out, he checks for jobs. A lot of them are at big stores, like Wal-mart, Sam's Club, Target, etc., Instead of paying an agent from their company to go to the stores and see if a display is set up correctly, they allow anyone that wants to participate to check it out. There are certain displays that they will name, such as Better Homes and Gardens furniture, a certain style and you need to go take a picture of it, and answer a few questions. They give from $2 to $12 for one job. When you reach a certain dollar amount, they can deposit it into your PayPal account online. So cool! We went out and made $16 today! Love that!

Then we went to Sonic, since it is out that way, and we got half- price drinks during their "Happy Hour" from 2-4. Did you know they do that every day? Today we paid $2.67 for 4 drinks, and one was a XL, called "Route 44" drink, normally costs over $2.00 and we got it for $1.05! The kids drinks were 50 cents each! They have lots of flavors, and today we got watermelon, blue coconut (not so sure about that...) and bubble gum!

Notice all the bold F's and wonder why? Just happy it's Friday and I love being Frugal!

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