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Monday, September 6, 2010

More Silly Kids!

Here are some more pictures of my silly kids. This one I had to look for...
It is one of my favorites because I walked in the kitchen, and just walked right back out to get the camera (and decide what I was going to do to him!) Caleb is known to be quite the snitcher and hide candy wrappers under his bed, eat cookies and think nobody will notice, etc., He gets in lots of trouble for his sugar addiction! What a STINKER!

Caleb is also known to play with our camera a lot. He'll take it and hide in the closet and watch videos (and wear the battery down!) Here is a silly one that he took of Rebekah a while ago...

On the way home from Durango a few years ago, Joshua took this photo, when all three kids are sleeping. You can't see Mallory, but I think Rebekah's neck looks so painful. How can she sleep like that?

And one last one of little Mallory enjoying an ice cream bar, when Bethany was little... So glad we took her shirt off!

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