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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have enjoyed sewing different projects over the years. I got my sewing machine shortly after we got married as a gift from Joshua. It's not the greatest, doesn't have lots of bells & whistles, but it does just what I need! I've made curtains, pillowcases, followed a few patterns to make shirts for Rebekah and I, pillows, and gift bags. I also made warm windows for our old house, which were great, I took a class about it and learned a lot there! I have only made one quilt and found it to be tedious, and I had help making it! :-D

Gift bags are soooo easy to make! They are a wonderful, frugal substitute for wrapping paper. When I see fabric on close-out, for sale, the end of the rolls, I look to see if I like the design and I buy it. I have made some pillowcases from fabric that I bought for cheap, but usually I make gift bags. I've made them all sizes, because we do have gifts of all sizes to give! I have some skinny ones, fat ones, small, medium and large. They are wonderful for Christmas! Just be careful so they aren't see-through!

All you do to make a gift bag is get a square or rectangle of fabric, fold it evenly with right sides together and sew on three sides. Turn it inside out and use pinking shears for the open edge, to keep from fraying. I usually just use ribbon to close them, by tying a bow. You could make a little case for the ribbon and thread it into the bag so it stays.
Joshua's birthday gifts in gift bags

Joshua trying on his new arpron.
checking it out...
Also, I made an apron for Joshua for his birthday, today! It was used from a free pattern book I got online. It used a burlap coffee sack, and is lined with another fabric I had in my fabric bin. I made ties for it, and it turned out SOO cool! I am always excited when my projects turn out well, and go so easily! Since I don't sew too often, I have to figure it out a little bit when I start again. But it usually is fun! I hope you enjoy sewing too. What projects have you all made? Will you try gift bags?


  1. Nice job! I would love to learn how to sew, but I have too many other hobbies right now ;)

  2. You're so crafty! I loved looking through your book about purses/bags the other night. It certainly inspired me ... but I need to save my sewing time seeing as Halloween is on it's way :) I'll be sewing a bit for that, I'm sure.


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