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Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend in Durango!

So this past weekend, we spent a few days in Durango (Thur. eve to Sat. eve). We had a great time relaxing, hanging out, reading, playing with the kids, looking at old books, doing a little school, seeing my Mom and Dad, and eating VERY well. We even had a date of going to Starbucks and a few art galleries. It was so leisurely and relaxing with no kids! Thanks MOM!

My mom took out Mallory's stitches. She had a fall last Tuesday night and we spent a few hours in the ER getting her patched up. She was a trooper and so brave. She had a spot on her upper lip that wouldn't stop bleeding-- it bleed for an hour and a half! They couldn't put glue on it since it wasn't dry long enough. So they put in one black stitch, and we were good to go. We thought she broke her nose, and we aren't sure about that  yet. She fell on it pretty hard and cried about it for 40 minutes or so. So we decided we better get it checked. Well, since it was so swollen, they couldn't x-ray it, so we will wait a few weeks and see if it looks broken. (They told us symptoms of that...)  She had a band-aid mustache for about 5 days. Since my mom is a nurse, and we were there we had my Mom take the stitch out. Mallory did get a little worried about the pain, but she relaxed and it was done! We're so glad that she is better, it was quite a trauma for us all.

Also while we were there,  we went for a drive to see Lake Nighthorse. Some of you may not recognize the name, but this project has been in the works in Durango for 15-20 years! It is also known as the Animas- La Plata Project. It is a man-made reservoir that was made by diverting water off of the Animas River in Durango. They are still working on the access road and roads around the lake, but we could see it from Wildcat Canyon Road. It is really big- about the size of Vallecito Lake, and it's not even full yet! We look forward to going back again sometime soon and seeing it totally completed! It was beautiful!

Daddy & Bethany walking down to lookout point
Lake Nighthorse
Kids playing, lake in background

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