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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Couponizer!

What is the Couponizer? It is a Coupon organizer and I love mine! I have tried a few accordion files and organizing systems for my coupons, and this is my favorite so far! I had a few envelopes tapes together that I used for a while. I used an accordion file that I used for a while. Then my hubby got this for me for FREE! (The best price of all!)

Here is how it works: The Couponizer is a wire-bound book that has pockets in it, on each page for different categories, such as Bread and Bakery, Baking and Staples, Dairy, Meat, etc., It also has a coupon mat (the CoupStacker) to lay out your coupons in each section, and then you place them in the pockets under the category.
My coupons are cut up and ready to organize...

The CoupStacker laid out, showing categories...

Coupons organized on CoupStacker...

Couponizer open showing categories & pockets....
Then before I go to the store, I take my Couponizer out and pull out coupons that I may need that week. I place them in the pocket toward the front called "Coupons to be used on this shopping trip". As I go through the store, and find them items that I need, I place them into the "Checkout" pocket. Then when I get to the checkout in the store, I just grab them out of the pocket and hand them to the cashier! There are also pockets for coupons that expire this month, and coupons in the back for eating out, entertainment, services, shops and retail, receipts, etc.,

So you're thinking, that's nice and all, but where can I get one?
Go to this place to find out more and order one of your own:

My couponizer is well-used and well-loved... I think I need a new one! The plastic case that it comes in is falling apart, and the zipper is broken! I love to have all of my coupons in one place...So what if you can't afford one of these couponizers, or you think you don't or won't get into couponing this much.... Here is one that I got at Michael's... It works well too because I can put this into my purse.

And finally, here are some websites where you can get some free coupons to print, if you don't get a paper or don't get many coupons in your paper:
There are more sites to add, but these are some of the best to get started. I hope you can save some money! And don't forget to take your own canvas bags to the store too, most stores give 5 cents back per bag! I keep mine in my van all the time!

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