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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What every child needs

This is another great MOPS book that I read several years ago and really enjoyed. I found it to be enlightening to what my kids needs really are needing on a day-to-day basis. I keep this printed (see below) and on my fridge so I see it often and am reminded that I need to hold my kids close, affirm them, discipline them, guide, respect and play with them. It allows me to hope with and for them, and allow them to be independent and grow (which is bittersweeet! Do I really want them to grow up?! They're so cute and funny now! :-D ) But there is lots of joy to every age...

So here are the nine basic needs of children. Print it out and keep it where you can pray and do this for your kids. It is important to them, and God gives the help we need. I hope God loves me these ways too, as I am HIS child...

SECURITY- Hold-me-close-love convinces them they are unconditionally loved.
AFFIRMATION- Crazy-about-me-love underlines that they are cherished
FAMILY- Fit-me-into-the-family-love- significance and sense of belonging
DISCIPLINE -Give-me-limits-love- protection of boundaries for life
GUIDANCE- Show-and-tell-me-love- what they need to know in life
RESPECT- Let-me-be-me-love- accepts them for who they are
PLAY- Play-with-me-love allows them to do the work of play
INDEPENDENCE- Let-me-grow-up-love- permission and freedom to mature
HOPE- Help-me-to-hope-love- conveys an eternal perspective, there is more 
to life than just today.

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  1. Copied and ready to print and hang on my fridge - Thanks! :)


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