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Saturday, November 13, 2010


What is BDTH? Birthday Take-Home? Bad Day-Thank Him? Well, it's a birthday treasure hunt of course! I read about this on Jamin's blog a few years ago, and I have made several of these for my own kids. My kids always love them! It is a nice way to give the kids a few extra little gifts for their special day. And I love it because it keeps them occupied for a few minutes as we (Mom and Dad) get the breakfast ready. I like to tie in the treasure hunt with the sleepover that my kids have around their birthday. For Caleb's birthday, it is usually just one friend, his cousin Aaron, as well as Rebekah that do the treasure hunt with them. Also by doing it on their sleepover night, it keeps them guessing as to when the treasure hunt may or may not happen!

So here's what I do...
I print out the page that has the clues on it. Then I tape them to the gifts with the numbers easy to see. Then I put them in the hiding places in the correct order. I tried to do them out of order the first time and it was ALL mixed up! So the order is important.

Here are Caleb and his cousin/ sisters doing his 8th birthday treasure hunt this morning...

The above note says...
Happy Birthday our shredder, now you are 8!  Getting so big and growing so great! A treasure hunt is the thing we will do.  To celebrate and say Happy Birthday to YOU!! So here’s your first clue, our little Master. Look under Rebekah’s dresser!
1. You found that so fast!  You think this is cool? Look next where you sit for school!
(This one was a stumper... took them a bit and a few extra hints from Mom!)

2. Now that was too easy.  On the TV is where you’ll find the next clue!

3. You think this is easy?  Let’s make one not so. To the right of the piano is where you should go!
4. Way to go! Are you getting tired? You’ll find the next one on top of the dryer!

 5. You found another!  Where does Junior go when he needs a good scrub? You’ll find your next clue in the bathtub!

     6. You got it! Do you need a rest? Well now you must look in Mom’s door in the big desk!
     7. Grab your coat, do you know where? That’s right, check next in the closet under the stairs!

    I love seeing Caleb dive into the closet on this one!
    8. You found the last one!  We hope you had fun. We love you so much our precious son!
    Happy, Happy Birthday!!  Love, Mom, Dad and your sisters.

    Opening the treasures...

    Coupon- good for 10 minutes more screen time...

    So in Caleb's treasure bags, he got three toys from the $1 section at Michael's, and a pack of football cards. He also got 4 "coupons" that I made on my computer. They were good for your own pack of gum, a coffee date with Dad, dessert -even when you're not supposed to- and (see one above). He loved the coupons (esp. the coffee date) and all the gifts. It sure makes for fun memories!

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    1. Aaron loved being a part of the hunt ... thanks for a special sleep-over :)


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