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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas traditions

*This was yesterday's post... our internet was out... so you get a double-feature today! Enjoy!

Our decorated Christmas tree
Hey- who hung ornaments on my sweater?
I was thinking about some of our Christmas traditions and how some of them got started, and how we've built on some traditions from year to year. My sister got married this year and is starting her family, and it made me think about traditions that we've liked and could possibly suggest.

Here are some of our things that we do each year in December, in random order...

-drive to see Christmas lights in different neighborhoods around town (we did this growing up, my dad loved to do this with us kids!)
-bake several kinds of Christmas cookies and treats (both of our moms did this!)
-watch "Polar Express" after opening new pajamas for the kids, on Christmas Eve (while drinking hot chocolate!)
-make paper chains for the Christmas tree that are red & green paper stapled together
-make ornaments for the tree (holiday craftiness is fun!)
-buy a new ornament for each child for each year, and when they move out they get to take them all with them!
-decorate the house together for one Saturday in early December
-go to the Parade of Lights together in our town (also one Saturday in early December)
-watch Christmas movies together as a family: A Christmas Story, Elf, Veggie Tales, Charlie Brown's Christmas, etc., Joshua and I love to watch "Mixed Nuts"...
-take the kids to the $1 store so they can buy gifts for each other...
-Make gift tags
-Make and send Christmas cards with a Christmas letter

Caleb got more comments on his helmet
during the parade of lights this year!
Wouldn't be a Colorado parade without a tractor! 
What are some of your Christmas traditions for your family? What are things you HAVE to do EVERY year? I'd love to hear about them... Hopefully I didn't forget too many of ours!


  1. We love going to the tree farm to cut down our own Christmas tree ... and drink cocoa, roast marshmallows and feed the horses. So fun to see the kids grow and change each year ... wonderful memories!

  2. we are actually in the midst of questioning and determining what traditions we want to instill in our family.

    one has become going through the WORLD VISION/COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL/GOSPEL FOR ASIA catalogs and purposing to donate with the other in mind. something i so desire to do with our children someday.

  3. We go for the experience of cutting down a tree in the forest, usually after school so it is dusk and the sky is always such a pretty pink in the aspens. Tromping around in the mountain air is so uplifting to both body and soul. We also drive around and look at lights while singing carols for all we're worth, until we're quite hoarse.


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