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Thursday, December 2, 2010

History of Sports lapbook

Here are some pictures of the lapbook that Caleb and I finished this week, all about the "History of Sports". We got it from, it's a freebie I got a while back from In The Hands of A Child, a company that sells a lot of wonderful lapbooks,  find it here.

Front of lapbook, Caleb wrote the title... :-D,
We glued clipart on the bottom.

Showing open folder, sports clipart and mixed up sports mini-books.

Inside left folder

Inside right folder, various sports mini-books.

Back of lapbook
Caleb helped with the cutting and writing, but I did a lot of it too. He seemed like he enjoyed it, even though he's not real crafty. :-D

It was pretty fun and we learned a lot about the history of baseball, basketball, football and soccer! It will be fun to look at over and over again to review all about sports history... You may need to come over to see the real thing!

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