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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nativity lapbook

This is a Nativity lapbook that Rebekah made a few years ago (Dec. 2007) that I thought I would post here for you all to see. It is one that we look at each year at Christmas time.

I'm not exactly sure where I got it, but this is a link for it, where you all can go to print it.

I liked this lapbook because it has a lot of coloring for kids to do! Coloring builds strong hand muscles, which of course are needed for writing and cutting, amongst other things. But having my daughter color the pictures made it more fun for her than just cutting it out, and made the activity last a little longer, which is kinda nice too!

Here are the pictures:
the front...

the back- I love that she spelled Christmas
incorrectly! :-D

the inside-shows the layout and her coloring...

Mini-nativity coloring book open...

the Christmas story book open...

That's it! Pretty simple- just one file folder. But she can act out the story and play with it over and over again! And this is one story that is great to reenact! Merry Christmas!

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