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Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Girl class-Felicity week 2

I dressed up again, in a different dress this time
with a bonnet... it was fun!
After we talked about the book, we had gingerbread for snack. I found a recipe here that we used:

There are more types of gingerbread here:

For craft this week in Felicity the girls made tea towel aprons.  This is a very simple way to make a apron with minimal hand sewing.  I bought each girl a tea towel and 2 yards of 5/8 inch grosgrain ribbon.  All they had to do was fold the top down enough to make a casing to run the ribbon through.  Then they just hand sewed the casing and ran their ribbon through.  Voila, they have an apron! (only they didn't think it was so easy! :-D They all did great, and several of them figured it out very well all alone, and several girls were helping others! I loved to see that!)

Preparing their towels...
If I were to make them again, I would have bought thinner towels, not terry-cloth like fabric. I think that the thinner (cotton?) ones may have been more like what they had in colonial times and they may have been easier to hand sew.
Folding and hand sewing...
The tea towel aprons took longer than I thought they would, so the girls took this sheet home...

The girls also did the same copywork that Felicity did in this weeks book!  "Think ere you speak, for words, once flown, once uttered, are no more your own."

I generated the copywork sheets at

I loved that the girls were helping each other thread needles!
Some of the girls thought this was hard, but they did great!
Modeling her apron...
Another apron, and she's holding her Felicity doll!
We didn't get a chance to talk about the Boston Tea Party, we ran out of time. Maybe next week, but here is some good info on it, which was (kinda) in the book this week...

Here is info about the Boston Tea Party to print:

It was a fun class! Next week we have Spring Break, and then 4 more weeks of Felicity left! It's such a fun class and I am loving getting to know all these sweet girls!


  1. Love the new background. Super cute!

  2. What crafty girls ... they are being trained well! :)


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