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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY Towel hangers

Many years ago, I made towels with hoods for each one of my kids, by sewing a washcloth or hand towel onto the larger towel. In our "old" house, we had hooks in the bathroom for the 4 kids' towels. When we moved almost a year ago, we left those hangers behind. :(  I've been searching for hooks and towels hangers that I liked to replace them, ever since we moved!

After searching around town, I couldn't find the hangers that I liked, so I finally bought a wood piece at Hobby Lobby. I painted it with some Rust-O-Leum Glossy white paint that we already had (it was kinda old, took some vigorous shaking!)

After painting it, my hubby and I drilled holes in the wood, and trimmed off the pegs I'd found (also from Hobby Lobby). We used his Dremel tool to trim the metal off the long ends of the pegs (after marking it with a Sharpie). Then we mounted the pegs on the board, and then.. how to hang it?
Painted wooden piece, with holes evenly spaced and drilled

Wood piece with pegs, with kids' initials for where to hang their towel
We looked around at some 3M sticky hangers for it, but we knew they'd have to be pretty heavy-duty to hold four wet towels. At Home Depot last weekend, we found a pair of long bar-type hangers that a helpful employee recommended. (Sorry, I didn't get a picture!) My wonderful hubby mounted the hangers on the back and then onto the wall. Hooray for a completed project!

Towels hanging on it...

Mounted on the wall, with towel bar still there... guess my hubby wanted to
be sure it was gonna hold first...

I love when I complete a DIY project and it turns out well! What have you done like this in your home? I'd love to read all about it!


  1. Love your little knobs .... Makes me want to get crafty in the kids' bathroom. :)

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  3. Great job on the towel hanger and the hooded towels as well!
    Following you now from VoiceBoks via GFC & Networked Blogs.
    See you around...
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