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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day gift ideas

If you're like me, it is hard to think of gifts for the men in your life. So I thought I'd share a few frugal gift ideas for Father's Day, in case you may be in need of a few. Most of the ideas I'll share are simple enough to buy and make at home. In 2004, we made t-shirts for my husband, his Dad and my Dad. The ones for the Grandpas said "Best Grandpa, Hands Down" and the date. The one for my hubby said "Best Dad, Hands Down" and the date. I made them to look like some shirts that they sold (and were sold out of) at Michael's back then. Last year we added two sets of handprints to them, since we've had two more girls since then! My hubby still wears his a lot, and the kids love seeing their handprints on them! (I have one too, that says "Best Mom"!)

Hubby's dad and hubby on Father's Day 2004 

My dad and my kids, early July 2004 (while camping!)

Another idea that you could easily make is this mini-message center.
We made these at MOPS, and it is just a plastic photo frame with a clear glossy square tile. We cut a piece of cardstock and decorated it with punched paper pieces and stickers. We made it so you could change it for different seasons, but you could put a "We love You" message in the frame part, or a wallet-size photo.  Then you could give a dry erase marker for them to write messages on it, such as "Call Jill" or "Pay Utility Bill". It would be great for them to use on their desk at work or home! (I may make these this year, Ssshhh!)  

Another idea that I liked (I don't know where I saw it) for the gentleman in your life that carries a handkerchief, is to write a "We love you" message on the corner of a white handkerchief. They can carry the decorated handkerchief around in their pocket, whenever they need to loan it to a lady, or use it themselves, they may be reminded of your love for them!

I found these coupons that the kids could print out at this website or this one. You can make a candy card with fill in the blanks for your sweet-loving Dad here. You can make a cool scratch-off card for Dad, the directions are here. Also you can print and make a lapbook with printables like this one from Jamin's website and a file folder. There are more great printables for Dad found here, including a card you can make, printable bookmarks and a poem! I like their "In Honor of my Father" coupons! This website has some great printables to buy, cut, glue and give to Dads! TipJunkie also has LOTS of great Fathers Day gift ideas, cards, printables, and gift wrap ideas. I really like the writeable Father's Day tie idea! (My sister could do that with her baby, but her hubby doesn't often wear ties!)

One year I made a CD of songs that reminded me of my Dad and when we used to work together. I made a copy for myself too, and he loved it! Other gifts that we've given/made have been a prayer/ journal notebook, which I had the kids color a picture and write a simple message such as, "We love you, Grandpa!" My dad used his for a long time, and I've seen it often when we visit their home. We've also bought them large bath sheets (one for Mom too!), a photo album, and Starbucks refillable gift cards. We also decorated a mug with paints at our local paint-your-own pottery store. The kids each painted a little something on it, and my hubby uses it all the time!

What frugal Fathers Day ideas do you have? What will you be giving to the men in your life?

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