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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Library

We are a family of readers. We can not afford to buy every book we need or would like to own. That's why one of my favorite places is our local library! We enjoy checking out books, DVDs, and even Wii games (though they don't have many, and they're often checked out). In the summer, we go there more often since they offer a free reading incentive program for kids. We took advantage of it again this summer, and the kids got some great free books, water bottles and other little goodies. My almost -teen even got a nice canvas bag! (and she won a gift card from the drawing too!)

If you haven't been to the local library recently, I suggest you give it a try. I remember being appalled years ago in our MOPS group that several moms didn't take their kids to the library. Really?! It's free! Well, pretty much... unless you incur those pesky fines like we do occasionally! :-D

Here are a few library tips for you...

*You can renew books and DVDs online! Here is our local library web site, all you have to do is plug in your library card # and voila! Books renewed with a click of a button! (or key on the keyboard, as the case may be!)

*I allow our kids to check out as many books as they are old... plus one. We love to read books, and we could check out a million at a time. We have maxed out my card for books etc., from the library more than once. Our library allows us to borrow 40 items at one time. That's a lot of books/ movies to keep track of! So if I limit them to 5 books for my 4-year-old, and 3 books for my 2-year-old, it is a lot less books to keep tabs on!

*Keep library books in a designated place in your home, so it is easy to gather them together when it is time to return the books. I've tried to do this, and it is tough. My kids really like to read in their rooms. I nearly always check their bedrooms when I am gathering library books. The library system here prints a list of items that we checked out. I will sometimes check through the list and cross out the items that I have gathered. This helps us remember all of the books & DVDs we checked out and need to return. I can also check the library web-site (see above) and check what we have remaining on our account.

*You can also research what books your library may have on it's shelves, and reserve them. That is nice since it is faster to run in, pick them up, and on you go! I've had times as a homeschooler where I needed books, and didn't want to spend time IN the library finding where they may be. I can gather the author info, and the general location, and find it in a relatively short amount of time. It makes it easier when the preschoolers and toddlers are running around too...

Do you use your local library? If not, check it out (ha ha!) soon! It is a wonderful resource in many ways, especially when you're a reader and learner! I hope you'll find it a thrifty location to visit too.

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  1. Love, love, love the library ... can't imagine not having books from the library in our house!


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