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Thursday, September 15, 2011

40 things...

Today is my wonderful husband's 40th birthday! For his birthday, I made list of 40 things that I love about him! It was fun to think about and find a new way to honor him!

Here is the list that I made for him:

40 Things I Love about You

  1. Your sense of humor
  2. Your willing smile
  3. Your cool old car (not the color though :-D)
  4. Your clean-shaven face
  5. Your family
  6. Your musical talents
  7. Your computer skills
  8. The work you do around the house
  9. The way you are with our kids
  10. The leader you are in our home
  11. Your math knowledge (and correcting papers)
  12. You’re a hard worker
  13. Your love for our Lord
  14. That you’ve stuck with me through the ups and downs
  15. Your kisses :-D
  16. Your cleanliness, esp. in our room and the garage
  17. That you take us on Sonic or Starbucks runs
  18. That you coach baseball
  19. Your taste in music
  20. The great memories we’ve shared
  21. That you manage our money
  22. Your preppy sense of style
  23. That you love to find good $ deals too!
  24. That you built a chicken coop (without really knowing how!)
  25. That you like to make coffee
  26. When we have coffee on the deck together
  27. Snuggling during a movie
  28. Your computer wizardry
  29. When you make me breakfast
  30. You appreciate art and music
  31. That you don’t mind watching sappy movies with me
  32. That you weed and pick the garden
  33. That you don’t remember sports stats ;-D
  34. The way you look dressed up
  35. That you remember our “important” dates/ anniversaries
  36. All your 5,000 parts...
  37. That you give me back rubs.
  38. That you pray with and for me.
  39. That you are loving and kind to all ages. 
  40. That you love me! 
And many, many more!!

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