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Thursday, October 13, 2011

American Girl Class: Josefina Week 5

We had another fun class this week, discussing Josefina Saves the Day! I forgot my camera, however, so I'll show you what we made and what I wear! :-D
When it is warm, I wear my American Girl t-shirt that I made--
found the iron-on at the craft store...
AND my rebozo-- a mismatched version just for me!

For our craft, we made whisk brooms. The directions are found in Josefina's Craft book (which I found at our local library). The brooms that we used are torn up hardware store brooms! The girls had fun tying their brooms and using them to brush each other's hair, as Josefina may have done! They also swept the tables with them, and we discussed how they may have used different brushes for different purposes...

I cut apart some whisk brooms that I bought at the hardware store...
Then I gave each girl a bunch of the straw, and a piece of jute string...
and they tied them up to make a simple broom! 

For snack we had fruit turnovers. You can find the recipe here. The recipe was enough for 6-8, so the mom doubled it for our 2:00 class. The girls liked them a lot! There were not many leftover!
Since it was a little cooler outside today, this is what I wore.
It was also the first class that I didn't use my box fan!
Nice to be cooler in class this week!

We worked on our weaving a bit more too. The girls are doing great with it, and I am loving their designs! We will get to finish them or bring them home next week! There were several that were nearly done today, I'm sure most girls will finish them next week!

We also discussed some pages from the Welcome To Josefina's World book today too. We talked about the Santa Fe trail, and trading with New Mexicans and Americanos. You can purchase the book here. Since the craft was pretty quick today, the girls enjoyed extra time to work on their weaving and to chat more about Josefina! I can hardly believe there is only one more week for our Josefina portion of class!

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