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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkins lapbook

Here is another lapbook that we did when my daughter was in 3rd grade. We got the supplies for it from a variety of online sources. First, here is a great unit from A Teaching Heart about pumpkins. I used some of the pictures and poems in our lapbook. Some of the other printables that I used (Shine for Jesus, Five Little Pumpkins min-book, Words found in Pumpkin Patch printable, Parable of the Sower, What Spices are in a Pumpkin Pie) were all from Lilliput Station Adventures' lapbook, and I can't find any current links for it. Sorry. :(  
Here are some other links on my friend Jamin's page.

 The pumpkin for the cover was found here: 
 Left folder, flap closed: Pumpkin poem, found here:

Left center folder:
"Mr. Pumpkin" poem from A Teaching Heart unit, see link above.

Right flap: Christian Pumpkin carvings poem:
Picture from A Teaching Heart's unit, see link above.
 Right flap: Poem- "I'm dreaming of the Great Pumpkin", found in A Teaching Heart unit, link above.
and pictures of carving our pumpkins.

 The Peter Pumpkin Eater craft found here:
Make a Pumpkin pattern page:

This is our back cover:
You can find the pumpkin sewing card here:

Here are some links and ideas for a pumpkin lapbook:

Here are more fun links about pumpkin activities:

I hope you've found some fun things that you can use to make a pumpkin lapbook of your own! It was a fun lapbook to make and we look at it every year in late October!


  1. Oooohhhh....I really love this idea! I'm so glad you shared this! It's probably too late in the season for me to add this to our yearly harvest traditions, but I'm definitely considering this as a fun activity with my girls next year. Awesome!! :-)


  2. Ashley would love that! She's been singing a pumpkin song all day long! :)


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