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Thursday, November 10, 2011

American Girl class: Kirsten week 3

This week for our American Girl class, we talked about Kirsten's Surprise, book three in our series.

Since the book that we read was about Christmas, we made a Chromotrope toy for craft. This idea was in Kirsten's Craft Book, which I got from the library. This is something fun the girls can make and give to a friend, cousin or other family member for Christmas.

Here is a page you can print of the circles for the toy:
Click on the image to make bigger and print!

Here is how you can make them:

Print two circles for each girl.
I cut one yard of red yarn for each girl, it was a perfect length.
I cut up a box for the corrugated cardboard, and traced a circle for each girl to go in between the two printed circle pieces. 
The girls cut out two of the circles, colored them with crayons and glued the three circles together.
I punched a hole with a hole punch and a yarn needle, and the girls strung the yarn with the yarn needle, and sewed through the two holes and tied a knot. Then the girls got to twirl them and got them spinning- a fun toy!

Here is the 1:00 class working on their chromotrope toys and state pages (see below for links):

 The 2:00 class, working on their chromotrope toys and state pages:

We worked on our geography pages for Kirsten. You can find the links for them here (Minnesota state page) Here is the link for the state bird and flower page. Here is a link for a Sweden page for Kirsten, since that is from where she came to America. I didn't print the USA map again, since the girls already have that in their notebooks. Here is the link for the USA map. The girls colored the state of Minnesota on their USA map. (Or they can color it at home if they forgot their notebook!;-D)


For snack we had "Sansk Grot". I found the recipe here. "Sansk Grot" is Swedish Rice Porridge, with apple pieces, milk, raisins, and cinnamon. The girls liked it, I didn't get a chance to try any... 

We also worked on our ongoing craft again, which is braided rugs. I think I will need to cut more fabric for the rugs for next week. Most of the girls have sewed on another yard to each of their three colors and have braided those. So two yards each in two weeks... it may be a good size rug/ mat! They are coming along nicely!

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