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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Elmo party invitations

My daughter Bethany loves Elmo. I think all of my children did. For her 3rd birthday party, she chose an Elmo themed party. I will print birthday party invitations from the web if I need to, or I will make them if I have a good idea. This time, I decided to make them! I have made Elmo invitations before, using card stock and punches. It is easy and fun-- even if you have a small child "helper" or two. My 5-year-old enjoyed helping punch out Elmo's eyes!

Here are the parts:
All punched, cut and ready to glue!
Here is the process and the materials out:

The supplies that I used were:
an oval punch (mine was kinda big, but I only own one)
1" circle punch
regular hole punch (for the black)
deckle scissors
mono-adhesive, or other two sided glue
Black, white, orange and red card stock

1. Cut out the head using red card stock and the deckle scissors.
2. Punch out the eye and nose pieces (5) using punches.
3. Cut a smile from black card stock.
4. Using mono-adhseive, glue red piece onto white, folded card stock piece.
5. Glue on the eyes, nose and mouth. Overlap the nose with the eyes. There you have Elmo's face! Cute!

Here is the final product!


These invitations were lots of fun to make, and didn't take me more than 1/2 an hour to make 8-10.
We are looking forward to a fun Elmo party soon! I can hardly believe that my youngest is almost three!?!

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  1. We're excited! Should we dress like our favorite Sesame Street Character? :)


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