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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WFMW- Family "Smart" Book

A friend of mine came to our MOPS group a few years ago and talked about organizing the home. One of the things that she recommended was a Family "Smart" book- a place where you can organize all of the important papers for each member of your family.

In the front of the book, you can have important contact numbers, neighbor's names and info, your address, Doctor's names and phone numbers, your cell phone numbers and more.
Then you would have one tabbed section for each person in your family. In their section, you can keep their sports schedules, info about medicines, phone numbers of music teachers/ schedules, and more.
I also have copies of the kids' insurance cards there, in case they are needed, and prescriptions that they may need refilled, such as if my son needs his asthma medicine, or whatever may come up.
This is a wonderful tool to be able to give Grandpa and Grandma when you need them to watch your kids at your home for a few days. It is also great to give to a babysitter, where it has phone numbers of neighbors and address if needed in an emergency situation!

We never know when something tragic will occur, and this is one tool that is ready in the case of an emergency!

1 comment:

  1. So organized ... and tons better than my super-duper outdated "Kellum Days" sheet in the kitchen! :)


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