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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Memory Box

Several years ago we were given a Memory Box as a Christmas gift. What is a Memory Box? It is a place that you keep little scraps to remember events in the year. For instance, we kept movie tickets, recital programs, wedding flower petals, baby shower invitations, and more. Then on New Years Eve or New Years Day, you take each item out of the box and review them, remembering the past year's events and happenings. We love it!
The box sits on our fireplace

It is entertaining to see what ends up in the box. This year we had about eight chicken feathers. We did get new chickens a few times this past year, but why eight feathers? Not sure... we do have little children that put odd items in the box, though...

A closer shot of the front of box

Box open and full!

Contents of box spread out..
We enjoyed remembering movies that we saw-- as a couple, as a family, with friends. We reviewed programs from spring and fall choir recitals, various shows, ballets, musicians that we heard, trips we went on, remembering VBS and the fun in the summer. It was a great year- 2011, and it was a good family time to recall the highlights!

We've given boxes to friends and family as gifts, and we placed a paper inside with directions on what it is, what to keep inside and how to use the box. It is a big hit! We've found that our oldest daughter remembers to place items in the box the most often. I tend to forget about it, so I am glad she puts something in it! But she puts a lot inside! :-D

If you decide to try this fun family idea at your house, I'd love to hear about it!

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