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Thursday, February 2, 2012

American Girl class: Addy Week 2

We had another fun Addy class this week!

Our craft originally was scheduled to be an appliqué pillow. We had done a pillow last semester, and I was afraid it would take too long in our classes. I changed it to be a wall-hanging, with an option of the girls turning it into a pillow at home (if they folded it and stuffed it with cotton balls or batting.)

I gave each girl one piece of medium blue felt. Then I bought three other colors of felt: red, yellow and green. I thought the girls could make hearts, flowers, stars and leaves on them. I cut each piece of felt (except blue) into quarters. Then each girl got three colors in 1/4 pieces. I passed out tracers of hearts, flowers, leaves, stars and a few others-- of varying sizes-- with pencils and scissors.

After the girls traced the hearts/shapes, they cut them out and hand-sewed them onto the blue felt. They turned out great! Some girls even did their first initial, a crown or a little pattern on them. I told the girls that they could fold over the top and put a dowel through a sewn pocket, and hang with a ribbon if they wanted. I was glad that I didn't try to do more with them, because this appliqué activity took over 45 minutes! A few girls finished earlier, and they helped me clean up!
Hand-sewing diligently...
Chatting and sewing...
 Our snack was a little rushed, but we had black-eyed peas and buttermilk biscuits. You can find the recipes here and here. The black-eyed peas were not a big hit, but the girls all tried them! The moms bought honey and butter for the biscuits, and the girls liked them!
Eating snack and finishing our work...

 The 2:00 class...
Eating snack...
Sewing so diligently! Trying to finish up-- sorry for the rush!

I had hoped to have time to begin our braided rugs, which is our weekly on-going project, but we ran out of time! The girls had fun making their wall-hangings. Several had the idea that they would use them as a doll blanket!
They make me laugh and smile each week in the little things they say and do.

In our 2:00 class, a little sister (that was there helping with her mom) swallowed her loose tooth! It is quite exciting! 

I enjoy these classes a lot and pray for the girls each week. They are a blessing to me and to each other!

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