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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friendship Riddles

These are some riddles that we used when I taught Pre-K classes at a local preschool. The teacher that I worked with always had clever ideas like this, to get kids to think of rhyming words and words that would fit in a sentence, as beginning reading tactics. She would write these on strips and put them in a sentence strip board. She would outline one word in a color, and that was the color the kids needed to rhyme with... I will highlight it below in red. The italicized words in parenthesis are not included for the children, only for you as teacher! You could use these with your own kids or if you're a teacher, at school!

Riddle 1
Some food in on the table
A friend is standing back.
You walk up to her and say
Let's go share our _________.      (snack)

Riddle 2
Looking sad and lonely
Your friend sits on the rug. 
Since you want to cheer him up
You offer him a __________.       (hug)

Riddle 3
You have two robots in your hand
You see a watching boy.
Now you could play alone or say,
"I'd like to share this __________."  (toy)

Riddle 4
A girl is sitting in a two-seat swing
looking sad and blue.
You think, "I'd like to be her friend."
You say, "I'll swing with __________."  (you)

Riddle 5
You really wish that doll was yours,
Now help your friends to learn.
Would it be best to grab, or say
"Could I please have a __________?"  (turn)

Riddle 6
Just one more time, think hard and say
the words to answer this:
To show you are a friend you can
Give your friend a __________.       (kiss)

I really enjoy getting my kids to think in this creative way, and also gets them to think about ways to be a friend, which is great around Valentine's Day! We can talk about these things with our children, to teach them kindness and love!

"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. "Ephesians 4:32

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