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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great preschool activity

A friend of mine generously gave me two of these magnet sets several years ago, and my kids really like them. I found several varieties for sale on here. These little sets keep my kids busy for quite a while! My 3- year-old plays with them, even though the package says ages 4 and up. She doesn't put the pieces in her mouth, so I don't worry about her swallowing them.

We have two sets of these, one is Horses: with 3 horse scenes, 3 magnetic sheets and 34 magnetic pieces, durable metal carry case, a Magnetic CreationsTM play center.

The other set is Weather Dress Up: with 3 background scenes, 3 magnetic sheets with 48 magnetic pieces, durable metal carry case, a Magnetic CreationsTM play center.

The back of the package says it is "Hours & Hours of Magnetic CreationsTM Fun! Great for Travel... Mix and Match play pieces to create a different Magnetic CreationsTM Scene every time." I would have to agree. They are fun for quite a time. My younger daughter likes to put the girl in her swimsuit in the winter scene-- so funny! The girls also like to place the girls hair on the boy, while he is in boy clothes-- so funny! (to a preschooler!)

I am sure we have lost the smallest parts to the trash or the vacuum, but there are plenty of pieces for entertaining your child. My oldest daughter enjoyed them often, and even put the pieces in separate plastic bags, to separate the weather scenes. Love her organizational skills!

Check Magnetic CreationsTM out for a birthday gift for a child you know, they will enjoy them!

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