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Thursday, April 5, 2012

American Girl class: Samantha Week 4

This week in our American Girl class, we discussed book 4 in the Samantha series, Happy Birthday, Samantha!  I also read about Victorian Letter writing, and the girls wrote a proper letter on stationary (found online here) to go with gift. I had them begin their letter with, "Dearest Mother" and they were allowed to write anything else they wanted. Most of them wrote very sweet thank you notes that I am sure the moms will treasure! I enjoyed this letter writing resource and this one, too. I told them to use their very best printing or cursive!

 We also made a “gift for mom”. The girls had fun with this, and I won't tell you what the gifts are, although you may see them if you look really closely in the pictures. If you don't want to know, don't look! :-D I told them that they could give the gift to their mom for Easter (which is this weekend) or save it for Mother's Day, it is their choice!

 Finishing their letters and working on their gifts...
 The 2:00 class enjoyed the crafts too...

 We had gingerbread cookies for snack. You can find a recipe for them here.
These two girls took a long time on their letters!
 We also worked on our braided rugs again. Some of the older girls have really long braids. One of them wound her braid up on the table and was kinda surprised how small it was rolled up! We will finish them in the next two weeks classes. 
It was another fun class day! I can't believe we only have 2 weeks until our summer break!

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