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Friday, April 11, 2014

My FAMILY sign

Today I made a sign that has been in my head for a while now. I saw something similar somewhere (Pinterest?) a few years ago and looked at letters in the craft store, and found them to be too costly for me. About a month ago, I went to a thrift store that I've never visited before. When I was there, I found these letters for sale, I think they were ONE dollar for all! SOLD! I took them home where they sat in the garage until I could get to them. I explained to my hubby what I wanted to do... and waited.

Then today I had a day at home. As a stay-at-home mom, I am out and about a lot. This week was the beginning of baseball season (for on that next week!) and we went to two baseball games in addition to the usual busyness. I really enjoyed my time this afternoon to craft! The kids were happily playing outside and so I took the time to work on this sign. I found the letters on the long workbench in the garage. 
 I have an older friend who loves to craft. She told me once that she decided after a few years that if she had a craft that she wanted done, she needed to learn to use her husband's tools. So her husband taught her to use everything-- several types of saws, sanders, etc., I don't intend to do that much, but I decided not to wait for my busy husband to help me. I can do it! I don't want to be a dumb cluck who doesn't know how to use any tool around the house. I'm so glad I did it!

The letters were already painted, and I liked the color. They are actually roughly painted blue. Last summer, my brother-in-law brought over some old fence posts for us to use. We used some to redo our chicken coop, but there was a bunch leftover. I chose one fencepost for this project. I sawed it where I wanted, sanded it some (but left it mostly rough) and measured it. I wanted to place the letters an equal distance apart. My post was about 30 inches long. I figured two inches on each end. I placed the letters around one-and-a-half inches apart. I nailed them onto the board with short nails (but not so short that they wouldn't go through the letter and into the board.) I placed two nails into each letter so they wouldn't rotate on the board. I put two picture hangers on the back of the board and it was ready to be hung!

I waited for my hubby to get home, especially since I wanted to hang it above the stairwell where we already had pictures hung. He gladly helped me hang it and I think I'm going to love it! Another craft project complete-- hooray!

Now what to do next...? 

Genesis 6:9
This is the account of Noah and his family. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God.

Proverbs 31:15
She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants.

Acts 10:2
He and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly.

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