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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bethany is 18 months!

Where does the time go?! How can it be? Our baby girl is growing, growing, growing! She has been walking for about 6-7 weeks, and is not running yet! She still trips a lot, especially over the rugs, poor girl! At 18 months, Bethany is: pouring (water in tub), using a spoon on her own (I don't give her a fork much), dancing, stacking blocks, cleaning up toys, and talking some. Here are the words she says: Mama, Dada, Ra-Ra, Bubba, Mow-Mow (Mallory), ice, ball, shoe, baby, ee-ee (pretty), miw (milk), bye-bye, hi, how-are-you (ho-ah-oo) and other words I know I am forgetting! She is a very sweet girl, and lots of fun!

She is learning her body parts, and can point to them if you ask her where they are, such as eye, nose, mouth, ear, tongue, teeth, head, hair, hand, foot, toes, etc,. We are working on arm, leg, knee and elbow!

She is also learning the sounds that animals make, such as a dog says "uf-uf" and duck says "wa-wa". It is so cute! I've tried getting her to say other ones, and she will occasionally. She has said moo for a cow before. This is such a fun age and I love getting to know her little personality! She is a blessing to our family and we thank God for her life!

On a side note, I have always taken pictures of my kids in the same spot each month (on their birth-day of the month, Bethany was the 7th) until age 2. From one month-12 months, they only have a diaper, and from 13-24 months they are dressed in the outfit they wear that day. I love seeing the photos side-by-side in a scrapbook, it's amazing how they change. I have done this since Rebekah was one month old! In the second year, the hair is the biggest difference! So this is Bethany's "couch photo" for 18 months, even though the couch is different this month! The hat photo is one of my favorites!

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