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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Watch battery saga!

Some of you have heard this (Joshua, my parents, Morgan), but it is a story for sure!

So about a month ago, Joshua's Aunt Rachel was here, and she had this pretty watch band that she had made--beading she did on her own. She had a watch that clipped onto it. I thought, "I have a watch like that, I should make one..." I had gotten one a few years ago with a gift card from Michael's. I got several clip-on watch bracelets to go with it. I wear it occasionally, but thought maybe I'd wear it more if I had my own beaded bracelet to go on it. So I made one for it that is multi-colored. I wore it for a few days, and the watch stopped working, and seemed like it was "super-winding".

I took the battery out at home and one of the kids lost it soon after that. So I went to Target and just guessed on the battery size. It was wrong, of course! So I decided to take it to a place in the mall where I have gotten lots of watch batteries replaced for free, since Target & Wal-mart don't change watch batteries anymore. When I went in, the saleslady told me that they are now charging $10 to replace watch batteries. Sigh... Well, all I really need is to take this Target battery out, and she helped me do that-- open the back and get it out. She mentioned maybe I should try Radio Shack, because they sell lots of watch batteries and maybe I'd be able to find one there. Keep in mind, that this watch face attachment does not cost more than $10 brand new! So I go into Radio Shack, and the salesman there tells me if I don't know what battery it is, then I may as well just play the Colorado Lottery, because it is about that likely that I would just pick the right battery for this watch. He said to take it to another jewelry store in the mall, and they could help me with the battery, but he knew they charged for it.

So... I go to place #4 to get a watch battery. This would have been so much easier if my kids hadn't lost the battery! Ugh! I go to the next jewelry store in the mall, and there is a man that works in the back with very dirty hands that helps me. He got the watch battery on the first try, but it wasn't winding correctly. He said he could have their "watch guy" look at it for me if I wanted. I said, no I think I'll just get a new watch face. Ok, that will be $15 for the watch battery. Wow, really? OK... So I pay him... and then I said, can I just give you the battery back? I am just going to throw this battery away when I get home. No, we can't take them back after they've been opened, he tells me. Sigh... Then manager the walks by, and I ask him if there is anyway I can have a refund. Sure, no problem, he tells me. So, at least I got a free watch battery in this watch that doesn't work...

THEN. The next night, Joshua and I go to Michael's to get a new watch face. I had a coupon, so I got it on sale for under $8! YEAH! I get the watch home, put it on my new jeweled bracelet band... and it doesn't WORK! AAUGGGH! Well, I fished my old watch out of the trash, and we get the battery out of it. Joshua helps me put it into the new watch face. It works. FINALLY!

A few weeks later, my band was getting really stretchy, so I re-strung it. A week after that, it fell apart when I was putting it in my pocket. CRIMINY!!  Well, it was an easy repair the next day, no big deal. I am thinking I need to quit wearing a watch!

My dad told me that next time he'd just give me $8 and I could go buy a watch at Target or Wal-mart. It's not a bad idea...

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  1. It still makes me really tired to hear :) terribly exhausting!


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