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Monday, August 30, 2010

Things to do with toddlers and twos!

This school year has been a new challenge for me, since I am now homeschooling my older two kids while BOTH of my younger two are awake. Last year, Bethany still took a morning nap for at least 45 min-one hour. Not so, this fall. It has proved to be a handful! Most days, Bethany plays on the floor by herself, while we read books and Bible. Then we have snack, and that gets us to about 11:00. SO usually we still have one long hour left until school is done for the day! My kids usually do some reading/ exercise/ computer time after lunch to get the full 4 hours of school in the day.

I have a book called Things to do with Toddlers and Twos by Karen Miller. It is a great resource with lots of ideas of things for little ones to do. The main thing I found that helps me is switching the toys out each week or so. Whatever toys the little girls play with during school, I switch those out and grab some "new" ones we haven't played with for a while, out of their closet. This has worked very well so far. There are lots of other things I can do to keep them busy, some of which involve me more. Anyway. since I know a few of my readers may need some ideas, and I have been here twice before, I made a list of things I can grab to do with my toddlers/ preschoolers.

Here it is:

“Things to do with Toddlers and Twos” (based off a book that I own by the same name)
Texture cards—made with index cards and diff. Types of fabric to feel
Pasting paper
Tearing paper
Sticky tape/ stickers (masking tape is great fun!) Keep it in your purse!
Play dishes
Items to smell, hear, taste
Stick horse
Slide, roll, jump, push (self or car, block)
Tunnel- crawl & hide
Pour a bead—plastic cup, large bead
Cotton balls and old plastic laundry scoops, spoons
Popsicle/ craft sticks in toothbrush holder
Zipper case—keep “things” in
Empty & fill bucket
Stacking rings
Stringing large beads?
Poke things into/ through holes—i.e. Kleenex box
Old shell game (hide under 3 bowls, move, find)
Plastic jar with toys- open, pour, close
Sponges, put in box for stacking
Clothes pins or bean bags- place or toss into bucket/ can
Fingerplays—“where is…,” “I spy …”colors
Hats & mirror, shoes, purses (Great to fill and empty!)
Stroller or cart to push Pull toys
Call & response game –say “doh, doh, doh” or da-da-da, child repeats
Playdoh and tools—plastic forks, knives, rolling pins, etc.,
Brush or sponge painting (can do with water outside)
Crayons, chalk, shave cream, fingerpaint (“paint” can be pudding, yogurt if needed)
Bubbles and straw in bowl
Wash items—rocks, doll, toy dishes
Eye droppers—fill bowls
Radio play- on/ off—cassette tapes?
Pounding bench (tools)
Oil and water bottle
Balls in a tube
Sock puppets Bubbles!
Ice cube on a tray!
Spray bottle and rag—“clean” floor
Duplo/ Primo blocks
Boats/ floating in sink/ “fishing”
Raisins & toothpicks—connect & build
Stacking/ nesting cups
Wet Ones container & ping-pong balls (dump & fill)
Plastic soap box (used for traveling) and playing cards fit inside
“Fort” with a blanket and card table
File folder cut with windows and paste photos underneath of animals, etc.,
Sidewalk chalk
Broom, dustpan to sweep porch, kitchen floor
Flannel/ felt board w/ VeggieTales characters, family, letters, numbers
VeggieTales matching game with stickers on juice can lids
Instruments- wrist bells, chopsticks for drum, beans in Easter eggs
Puzzles made with picture on cardboard, cut up
Straw jewelry with yarn & cut up straws
Balloon batting- draw faces, put ribbon on, can “bat” with nylon over clothes hanger
Houses made with wooden craft sticks

Bethany playing with blocks during
homeschool today!
Hope this helps some of you! Let me know if you have any great ideas to add!

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