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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silly Kids!

There are some moments as a Mom when you just have to laugh! I've been thinking about some of these moments lately. My 3-year-old, Mallory has been particularly funny lately. One day last week, she'd been wearing a new jumper. She couldn't get it back on by herself after going on the potty. She was calling me, and I took a minute to come. When I got there, she had the TP wrapped around herself, like this: 

I just had to laugh and grab the camera! Silly girl!

Then another day, Caleb had gone into Mallory's room when she was about 18 months old. I went in there after a minute to see what he was doing. I went right back out and grabbed the camera. He'd just gotten this Bible-man costume for his birthday, and was wearing it a lot. It gave me a chuckle, and still does now!

Another Sunday close to Christmas, we were getting ready for church. I was getting Mallory ready in her car seat, and came around the corner to see that Caleb really needed help with his pants! It was too cute, so I grabbed the camera. Poor skinny little dude!

Another day, Caleb was getting ready for church, dressed in his nice suit from our friend. He added his own stylish touch to the outfit. While it was photo-worthy, it was not going into church! He frequently wears helmets when we drive, and it makes me feel like I am a bad driver! :-D

Another day, while I was working with Rebekah during homeschool, he had taken a marker unbeknownst to me, and did this nice artwork on his face... 
It looks like lipstick, doesn't it? I know I just don't have this shade though! Maybe he watches me more than I know!

How can you not laugh at that? 

A final Caleb one... we were having smoothies, which is our normal Sunday night dinner (with popcorn), for most of the year. I guess one time I forgot to get a lid on his cup...

Glad that he had a bib on though!

That's all for today's version of silly kid pictures. I'll add more as I gather and take them! Hope you enjoyed a smile!

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  1. I love shots of your kids when they are little - you forget how much they have grown. I especially love the last one of Caleb. Thank goodness for the bib ... and the hat :)


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