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Friday, October 29, 2010

Ghosts of Halloweens past...

While Halloween is not our favorite holiday, we do like to dress up! The kids love to pretend to be something different for at least part of a day! We have a box of costumes and pull them out to look through them each year, and these costumes (below) are some of the ones in there!

 Here is a walk down memory lane of our kids in costume on Halloween. I love looking at the variety of them all and seeing some of the same costumes used over and over!
Rebekah as pumpkin 1999
Rebekah as bumblebee-2000
Princess Rebekah 2002
Rebekah as M-n-M-2001
Caleb as Superman-2003
Rebekah as cheerleader- 2003

Rebekah as Goldilocks- 2004

This was the year that Joshua and I dressed up as
Papa Bear and Mama Bear! :-D

Caleb as Baby Bear- 2004

Rebekah as cat- 2005

Caleb as football player- 2005

Mallory as pumpkin- 2006

Caleb as Buzz Lightyear-2006

Rebekah as bunny- 2006

Rebekah as Princess Leia- 2007

Caleb as race car driver- 2007

Mallory as bumblebee- 2007

Caleb as Spiderman- 2008

Mallory as M-n-M- 2008

Rebekah as cowgirl- 2008

And finally, last year...
Mallory as Dora the Explorer- front- 2009...

and the back... :-D
Bethany as "Boots" the monkey from Dora the Explorer- 2009

Caleb as Batman 2009

Rock Star Rebekah- 2009

This was the year that I dressed up as a nurse. :-D

Aren't they cute? I love seeing all of Caleb's superheroes and all of Rebekah's animal costumes! The kids are all different in what they like... Rebekah is so girly in her choices! :-D

Check in next week to see the costumes from THIS year! 

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