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Thursday, October 7, 2010

New School books!

Some of you may know that we applied for state funding for our homeschool, called the "Vision Program", which is actually formally called the "Mesa Valley Vision- Home & Community Program" OR MVV-HCP. Apparently every year there are new spots open for homeschoolers, and this year we applied. We didn't apply until Sept. 7 and we still got in the program! There is lots of support given to homeschoolers, they offer testing, etc., As the beginning of the program, last week I had to fill out a lot of semester lesson plans, goals and actions for each child for each class. It was a bit of work as Rebekah had 11 (or 12?) classes and Caleb had 10! This included Team Sports aka baseball for him, so that was among the course descriptions that I had to write from scratch! They also both had math, language arts (including writing, spelling, reading, etc.,), science, social studies (including history, geography, etc.,), art, Spanish, personal fitness, computers, etc., Well anyway, I got that done last week. Once that is done, then our "funding" will be approved. So we can get $$ for each child for each year! Your tax dollars at work!

So this means that we are now able to purchase some curriculum that we couldn't otherwise afford! So we ordered some new science books for Rebekah. She'll be learning about the Human Body this year, along with her (mostly borrowed) Sonlight Curriculum. We're both excited about it, but Mom is more so than Rebekah! We also were able to get her math curriculum, finally. We ordered it and it came yesterday. Rebekah is really excited about that, because the other math workbook she has been doing is kinda hard. So she is looking forward to getting to do some work that she needs to learn and that is on her level. She loves Math-U-See! Here are some pictures of her and her new books:

new science curriculum

looking at the math books

Yeah, I got my new math books!

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