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Friday, November 5, 2010

Book It!

Did you know that homeschoolers can enroll in the Book It! reading program? I checked it out last year, and it is true! The Book It! program allows your kids to set a reading goal of reading either a certain number of books or a number of pages. Then if their goal is met, they get a certificate for a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut! It's like a free meal!

You can find out more information here:

Some of the items in your packet from Book It!

Reading Roster, and awards

I love giving my kids an incentive for reading, and hopefully instilling a lifelong love of reading in them. I do this over and above our reading together. I have Caleb read me a book of his choice, and then I write it on a piece of notebook paper, recording his Book-It! books read for the month. When he has reached his goal, which is 15 books (per month) right now, then he gets his reading award. I could probably set the goal higher for him! Rebekah is a little harder to set the goals for, because she gets pages to read. For her it is usually closer to 500 pages in a month. She doesn't have lots of time to read on her own, but I know she does read some. I try to let her keep track of her own reading. I have to work closer with her on this one next month! 

The above website has lots of great booklists, articles, tips, etc., To enroll your homeschool, go to the "enroll" tab, click on it, and then click on the box which says "homeschool". From there you will get directions on how to complete the homeschool enrollment forms. The materials are free for children grades K-6. I got a re-enrollment request emailed to me this summer, and so I was able to sign my kids up for this year again quite easily! The program allows certificates to be redeemed from October 1-April 30, so get going! They have been doing the Book-It program for 25 years~ WOW!

I love getting FREE food for my kids! And Pizza Hut is encouraging to them too, by telling the kids, "Great job!" and "Keep reading!", as they did last night when we went to redeem our certificates. The kids love pizza, and we love getting free meals! They have a $10 pizza deal for a large, so if parents don't get any drinks (only waters), you can get a CHEAP dinner! Or if you do get drinks, it can still be cheap... ;-D

As for preschoolers, they have a reading challenge called "Give me Twenty", which stresses reading to your child for 20 minutes per day. I do not know if Mallory could be enrolled in this program, I did not sign her up this year. I will have to check it out! It could be wonderful to get another free meal for her reading too!

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