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Monday, November 8, 2010

Caleb's 8th birthday party!

So we had lots of fun this past weekend celebrating our big boy Caleb as he turned 8! We decided to do a "wheels" party (skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, motorcycles, etc.,) for the theme. He loves football too, and it was tough to choose! Nana and Daddy made a cool cake that was a #8 shape with a half-pipe down the middle! We had some little skateboarders that we bought and we put them on it. Nana wrote "Rad! Awesome! Roll on! Step on it! Happy birthday CALEB!" on the edges of the cake tray. It was fudge marble, baked by mom, it was good!

For dinner, we had wagon wheel pasta, and 3 kinds of sauces- alfredo, marinara and pesto. We also had french bread, a big green salad, and of course cheetos! (Gotta have cheetos at the birthday party, it's the only time we eat them!) Caleb loves spaghetti right now, so it was a great dinner for him! He had lots of fun with his presents, got some great clothes, cool toys, and cool Broncos stuff. Check out the pictures below!

Caleb and his #8 pancake

The cake getting prepared...

Half-pipe #8 Cake completed...

Tim Tebow wall hanging from Uncle Mike- awesome!

New hockey stick & puck from Kellums

Bethany was stylin'!

Tim Tebow jersey from Grandpa Nadel- cool!

He got some cool clothes from Nana...

And a clone trooper set from Grandma & Grandpa...

Caleb blowing out the candles on his half-pipe cake!

Mallory and Lydia had lots of fun hiding in this bag!

New sheets & comforter from Mom and Dad- so fun!
What a fun party! Thanks to all who came, it was great to have you here! We have one more birthday next month to celebrate our little Bethany turning two! How can that be?! 

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