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Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Girl class- Kaya week 2

We had lots of fun again this week in our American Girl class. We discussed "Kaya's Escape" (book 2 in the Kaya series) and ate snack, which was Leaf Bread. The recipe is from here. It was different, some of the girls liked it, some didn't, but I was glad that they all tried it!

Then we made Corn Husk dolls. It was kinda crazy with 13 girls making them at the same time, but they turned out pretty well. The moms were a huge help (and the little brothers that were there too!) I bought the corn husks at Wal-mart, and I bought too many. They came in a big package of about 50-60. I tried to count them in the store, but... well, I figured it was better to have too many than not enough!

The corn husk doll that my daughter made...
The directions for the corn husk dolls can be found here. They were pretty good directions, and I printed extra copies for the moms that helped me.  I was glad I came prepared with lots of hemp string, we used lots of it! The girls really seemed to enjoy the craft, even if it was kinda difficult for some of them, and even if the dolls didn't turn out perfect!

When they were almost done with the dolls, I read the "Legend of the No-Faced Doll", which can be found here. I nearly forgot to take pictures again, since I am so busy during the class! So I gave the camera to one mom and she took these:

I love that you can see a Corn Husk doll in the right of this picture!

I was going to talk about string games too, but I ran out of time. So maybe next time, if we have extra time! It's tough to fit everything in to one hour...

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